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CAMBA is a non-profit agency that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

Why We Exist

Many New Yorkers face daily hurdles such as housing instability, living with HIV/AIDS, language barriers, domestic violence, and insufficient job skills. Since 1977, CAMBA has helped New Yorkers transform their lives by providing holistic programs to individuals, families and communities.  

What We Do

CAMBA takes a comprehensive approach to helping individuals, families and communities thrive, offering integrated programs in: Economic Development, Education & Youth Development, Family Support, Health, Housing, and Legal Services. Our programs build inclusive communities where New Yorkers have the supports they to reach their full potential.

“These programs empower participants by educating them on the various aspects of the US job market, helps them in getting gateway career jobs and constantly guides them in advancing their careers in the future.” –Sona G., Workforce Development Program Participant.


CAMBA’s Economic Development programs prepare both employers and job seekers to compete in the 21st Century workforce and economy. We promote economic revitalization and growth.

CAMBA offers a range of programs that guide unemployed people into the workforce, providing them with the tools to get jobs and to stay successfully employed.

CAMBA provides general workforce support services to individuals with barriers to employment, as well as access to careers, including career exploration and career mapping within the financial services industry. We also work in partnership with the Cooper Union to provide Information Technology training to immigrant professionals, many of whom find employment in banking and finance. For more information, please visit .

Social Impact

CAMBA serves more than 45,000 individuals and families, and places 522 New Yorkers in jobs and 466 students into internships annually.

CAMBA Offices

2244 Church Ave

, NY 11226