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We’ve created a variety of resources to help you promote and leverage this tool to maximize its value and utilization.

Marketing and Communications Toolkit – Resources you can leverage in your outreach and communication efforts about

Presenters Toolkit – Resources you can utilize when presenting the site to professionals, peers, students and job seekers.

Training Toolkit – All the resources you’ll need to train your staff on using the site during advising sessions with students or job seekers.

Helpful Links

New York City Employment and Training Coalition - NYCETC is an essential voice for workforce providers in New York City and for building a strong workforce system.  NYCETC is the membership organization for NYC workforce providers and has played a vital role in the NYC workforce community, focused on advancing policy priorities, convening the sector to build capacity, and sharing information and best practices. 

In this capacity, NYCETC has pioneered a number of signature initiatives that have become pillars of the NYC workforce community, such as the annual NYCETC Conference, the annual Opportunity Awards, and the Workforce Weekly will be featured in many of these and other activities facilitated by the Coalition. Connect with NYCETC for additional marketing and promotional materials for