Registrations and Licenses

Good to Know

Registrations and Licenses Lead to a Great Career

The Financial Services industry is highly regulated. As you think about a long-term career in Banking, Wealth Management or Insurance, there are things to keep in mind. It's good to be aware of some of the more common requirements for working in the industry. Jobs where you work with Mortgages, Wealth Management and Insurance have some common registrations and licenses. 

Jobs in Mortgages

It's important to know that most jobs where you'll work with mortgages, or home loans, will require NMLS Registration. NMLS stands for Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. The NMLS identification number is assigned to registered employees in the mortgage industry. Some companies will help you get this registration once you are hired. To learn more, visit the NMLS website

Jobs in Wealth Management

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA,  protects investors. Part of that is making sure that those working in Wealth Management know and comply with financial rules. You will have to pass exams to work in some parts of Wealth Management. For an overview of financial licenses, watch this video

Jobs in Insurance

Selling and working with insurance policies often requires a state license. These licenses help make sure that when you purchase insurance for yourself, you are working with a knowledgeable insurance agent. To find out more about insurance licenses in your state, check out these links.

*Job-specific requirements for Registrations and Licenses may vary from company to company.