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STRIVE provides free job readiness, vocational training, job placement, and advancement services 

STRIVE offers training and job placement services to individuals 18+ from all five boroughs of NYC

STRIVE is committed to providing job training and placement services free of charge to New Yorkers from all boroughs, backgrounds, and needs. 

STRIVE New York has been located in East Harlem, NY, since 1984. Today we are housed in Taino Towers at 240 East 123rd Street on the 3rd floor.

Our Services

The STRIVE employment model is rooted in the belief that every individual has the power to change and often simply needs the tools and supports to do so. We ensure that every client is not only ready to find a job, but also to keep it and advance along a career pathway. We do this through the following five components:

Career Pathways

Strive Future Leaders

Strive Fresh Start

We also offer specialized services for youth, parents, and women, as well as direct job placement for those who already possess the necessary skills and experience. Call (212)360-1100 for more information!

Without STRIVE I wouldn’t be here tonight. I’d either be dead …or back in prison. But instead, I have a great job. I have a future.

Jeffrey McGee,

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Strive NYC

240 E 123rd St

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