Who is Hiring

Who is Hiring


Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Fed

Fostering the safety, soundness and vitality of our economic and financial systems.

Working within the Federal Reserve System, the New York Fed implements monetary policy, supervises and regulates financial institutions and helps maintain the nation's payment systems.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks which, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System. The Fed, as the system is commonly called, is an independent governmental entity created by Congress in 1913 to serve as the central bank of the United States. 

It is responsible for:

  • formulating and executing monetary policy,
  • supervising and regulating depository institutions,
  • providing an elastic currency,
  • assisting the federal government's financing operations, and
  • serving as the banker for the U.S. government.

One of the things I find unique about the Fed is the people. Tasks are made easier because we take pride in what we do and strive to be the best.

Jennifer, Business Operations Associate

In addition, the Federal Reserve System has important roles in operating the nation's payments systems, protecting consumers' rights in their dealings with banks and promoting community development and reinvestment.

The New York Fed oversees the Second Federal Reserve District, which includes New York state, the 12 northern counties of New Jersey, Fairfield County in Connecticut, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Though it serves a geographically small area compared with those of other Federal Reserve Banks, the New York Fed is the largest Reserve Bank in terms of assets and volume of activity.


Monetary Policy, Supervision and Regulation, Financial Services, International Operations, Payment Systems, Economic Research and Statistics, Risk Management, and Information Security

Social Impact

At the New York Fed, we are proud to be an active partner in the community through engagement in numerous employee volunteer efforts.  Volunteer outreach projects enable us to give back to the local community and provide a forum for strengthening connections amongst those who participate.  Our involvement spans student mentoring and coaching, food and supply drives, financial awareness and education programs, and include organizations such as United Way, Gods Love We Deliver, NYC Food Bank, The Door, and Dress for Success.   




  • Operations
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Auditing

Company Perks

Our health, financial and lifestyle benefits are competitive with those of top employers across the country. We firmly believe in work-life balance and our environment encourages growth and inclusiveness; our employees flourish in a team-oriented atmosphere and are dedicated to the mission of the New York Fed.