Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Banking Careers

Assistant Relationship Manager


$20-30 ($40-62k/yr)

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Are you always there to lend a helping hand? Do you love working with people? As an Assistant Relationship Manager, you'll work with clients and Relationship Management team members. It's key to provide help and answer questions accurately and in a timely manner.

In this role, your primary duty is to assist the Relationship Manager with their day-to-day tasks. You may also attend client meetings with the Relationship Manager either at the bank or outside the bank. You'll assist team members and clients via phone and email, relay information correctly, and coordinate meetings. It's key to know your company's products and services to help direct clients to the best solution for their financial needs. You may also help collect and review loan and account documents.

You are an important part of promoting a great relationship between the company and its clients. It's important to display a professional attitude. A friendly smile and great follow-up on tasks and questions will help you excel as an Assistant Relationship Manager. A high school diploma is required, but many employers will prefer an Associate's degree.

Key Responsibilities

  • Update client contact information and related account notes utilizing client relationship management software
  • Coordinate meetings and prepare meeting agendas and other required items
  • Review and organize notes after client meetings and coordinate any follow up actions
  • Partner with Relationship Management and other team members as needed to provide updates to clients
  • Verify all client transactions and documents for accuracy on a regular basis
  • Exhibit professionalism while interacting with clients
  • Address one-off client requests and follow processes through completion
  • Follow all industry and company rules and regulations

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