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Auditing Careers

Audit Manager


$43-67/hr ($90-140k/yr)

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Do you excel at balancing multiple projects at once? Do you enjoy coaching others and providing advice to help solve a problem? If so, you could make a great Audit Manager.

Audit Managers oversee multiple auditing projects and teams at the same time. Most of the time it will be for the same line of business. Sometimes you might manage teams across different lines of business. You'll determine which auditing projects need to be done and who will work on them. Because you'll manage multiple projects, you can help identify patterns and provide solutions. You'll coach team members as needed, sharing your knowledge of both auditing practices and business operations. At times, you may help create the final report and present it to management.

To succeed as an Audit Manager, you'll need strong leadership and project management skills, as well as previous experience leading teams and projects. A Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or a related field is required, but most employers prefer a Master's degree at this level. Professional accounting certifications are also preferred.

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervise multiple audit teams and programs at the same time
  • Determine the scope of work for each project and schedule projects/teams
  • Exercise judgement and critical thinking
  • Lead and provide feedback to staff on audit projects
  • Analyze large amounts of data and turn it into usable information
  • Communicate audit findings to management and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Employ a strong understanding of business functions including regulatory, operations, technology, finance, and accounting
  • Use computer-assisted auditing tools as needed

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