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Claims Assistant


$16-24/hr ($35-50k/yr)

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Do you have an eye for detail? Are you looking for a starting point for a rewarding career in insurance? A job as a Claims Assistant may be a great fit for you.

As a Claims Assistant, you'll work with customers who file insurance claims. A claim is a request for insurance money to cover the costs of repairing damage to property. You'll be responsible for gathering information related to the incident that caused the damage or loss. When property damage occurs, you or your manager may also be obligated to review the extent of the damage in person. During the research process, you may speak with witnesses, the customer, and those involved in the incident that may have caused the damage. You'll create reports that detail the expected repair costs and the amount of money that will be issued to the customer.

To get this job, you'll need at least one year of experience in an office setting. Previous customer service experience is a big plus.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide excellent customer service over the phone and face-to-face
  • Establish initial claims files and assign claims to adjusters
  • Process property damage claims, may include reviewing estimates and damage appraisals, policy language, and preparing appropriate claims correspondence
  • Provide customers updates with claims
  • Locate and ensure proper maintenance of closed files
  • Process payments and claim settlements
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills with teammates

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