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Operations Manager


$35-45/hr ($70-93k/yr)

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Do you have a knack for the big picture view? Does the thought of managing multiple teams to help them do their best fill you with excitement? Regional Operations Manager might be the right job for you.

As an Operations Manager, you'll work to make sure that your teams are organized for maximum productivity. This means you'll put the project plans into action. You'll coordinate resources such as staff, materials, and budgets to make sure your teams have what they need to succeed. You'll oversee operations managers and team leads including the hiring and evaluation of operations staff. It's important to make sure all requirements from risk and compliance, legal, and human resources have been built into your team's processes.

You'll need a high school diploma and at least five-to-seven year's experience in Operations. Most companies will prefer a Bachelor's degree but a great resume and experience may land you this great job.

Key Responsibilities

  • Guide your teams to efficiently follow new policies and procedures
  • Assist in business development activities and pursuing new business
  • Promote and maintain high standards for operational efficiency and accuracy
  • Possess a working knowledge of banking operations, guidelines and regulations that pertain to the industry
  • Prepare and manage daily, weekly, monthly reports based on information you receive from your team leads
  • Follow compliance rules and maintain quality control through operational review
  • Recommend and initiate corrective actions to maintain quality and efficiency

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