Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Banking Careers

Relationship Manager


$35-45/hr ($70-90k/yr)

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Do you thrive on building lasting relationships? Do you enjoy helping others find solutions to their financial questions? You might excel as a Relationship Manager.

As a Relationship Manager, you'll meet with clients in person and over the phone. You'll work to discover what they need and suggest products and services that will help them reach their goals. You'll create, build, and manage meaningful relationships by providing each and every client with an outstanding experience. You'll create presentations and prepare spreadsheets and documents to show the value of your products and services. You'll partner with other team members such as Financial Advisors or lending teams to help the client with specialized financial needs.

Does making lives of clients easier by creating financial solutions sound fulfilling? You'll need a bachelor's degree and at least 5 years experience in banking and client service to get into this job.

Key Responsibilities

  • Make personal connections with clients to build long-term relationships
  • Become knowledgeable about products, services and procedures
  • Identify the right products and services with the proper level of risk and growth potential that the company can provide the client
  • Suggest financial products and services to meet client needs
  • Meet or exceed individual and team sales goals
  • Build relationships with teammates, business partners and specialists through partnership and teamwork to best serve clients
  • Follow operational compliance policies and procedures

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