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Insurance Customer Service Representative


$12-17/hr ($24-36k/yr)

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Do you always have a smile on your face? Do you enjoy helping others? If so, an Insurance Customer Service Representative may be a great fit for you.

As a Customer Service Representative your primary goals are to make sure your customers are informed and happy. You'll help handle client questions and service requests. Requests can happen over the phone, through email, or in-person. You can also help resolve customer complaints or refer clients to the right person who can solve their issue. Another important part of your job will be to provide customers with information about their insurance policies and communicate changes in their policy. You'll also need to understand the products and services you sell and be able to explain them to customers.

This role is a great starting point if you're interested in a career in insurance and has lots of room for advancement. You'll need a high school diploma or equivalent to land this job. Previous customer service experience is a plus since you'll work with customers on a daily basis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Speak with customers by phone or in person to provide information about products and services
  • Offer information about price quotes to prospective customers
  • Handle customer inquiries and requests over the phone, in person, or online
  • Make sure appropriate action was taken to resolve customers' problems
  • Determine charges for services requested, collect payments, and/or arrange for billing
  • Process and communicate policy changes, renewals, and cancellations to customers
  • Help clients file policy documents and contact clients if an error is discovered and needs to be corrected
  • Review insurance policy terms in order to determine whether a particular loss is covered by insurance

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