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Insurance Careers

Claims Adjustor


$24-28/hr ($50-60k/yr)

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Do you want to help people in their hour of need? Are your communication skills top notch? A job as a Claims Adjustor may be a great fit for you.

Sometimes a customer that is insured by your company will file an insurance claim to get money for repairs or damages to the property damaged. You'll gather information about the situation to decide if your company will pay the insured customer. You will review information and make your own report of damages through inspection. Then you'll work to get a suitable settlement for injured parties. You may also help to arrange medical appointments and negotiate with home or auto repair personnel  to get things repaired or people treated as quickly as possible.

You'll need to have great communication skills in this role since you'll be working with customers who may be dealing with difficult situations. And, you'll need a high school diploma to get the job.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct coverage investigations based on policy conditions, limits and exclusions
  • Complete outbound customer contacts and follow-up claim work to bring existing claims to resolution
  • Schedule field inspections as necessary using independent adjusters and other vendors to assist in damage appraisals and claims investigations
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to discover better ways of working and resolve complex problems in a team environment
  • Manage claims from beginning to end
  • Communicate claim denials (when warranted) to policyholders and agents
  • Conduct regular reviews of pending claims files

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