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Claims Analyst


$15-20/hr ($31-41k/yr)

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Are you an expert at solving problems? Do you like helping people? These qualities could help make you a great Claims Analyst.

As a Claims Analyst, your duties might include investigating and making decisions about incoming claims and resolving problems. You'll also answer service requests and inquiries from different types of customers. Your duties may also include debiting or crediting customer's accounts as needed or updating customers about claims that are in process. In this role, you will also research and resolve other general account questions from customers as they come up.

If you're interested in a career as a Claims Analyst, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent. Excellent customer service skills are also important since you'll be talking with customers on a daily basis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Keep the claims process moving to ensure timely resolution
  • Resolve fraudulent activities on debit and credit cards and other account types
  • Research account activity to judge levels of risk and the type of fraud
  • Track claim findings in multiple systems
  • Report findings to management team
  • Complete inbound and outbound calls to customers for follow up
  • Carefully follow established processes and guidelines and research
  • Maintain knowledge of current claims processing guidelines, industry standards and client expectations

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