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Call Center Careers

Customer Service Representative, Call Center


$14-18/hr ($28-36k/yr)

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Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Do you like having all the right answers to help people? If so, you might be an excellent Customer Service Representative (CSR).

As a CSR, you'll handle customer questions about things like opening accounts, helping with loan applications and credit cards. You'll also work with customer account information and account changes. In addition, you'll help educate customers about self-service options such as online banking. You'll need to be comfortable explaining banking products and services to  customers over the phone. You'll respond to questions or complaints from customers and help them resolve their issues. If an issue beyond your training, you'll refer customers to the right person to solve their problem.

To get this job, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent and top notch customer service skills. Customer Service Representatives have lots of opportunities for advancement into other positions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Answer customer inquiries and provide customers with account information
  • Perform account transactions including accepting loan applications, opening accounts, and processing transfers, withdrawals and deposits
  • Maintain service standards for quality customer service, turnaround time, accuracy and follow up
  • Authorize service fee refunds within company guidelines
  • Cross sell loan and deposit products and other services to new and existing customers
  • Promote use of self-service functions such as online and mobile banking
  • Provide input to management on workflow issues, patterns and improvements

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