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Collections Specialist


$16-22/hr ($35-46k/yr)

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Would you like to help teach people how to improve their credit scores? Are you a problem solver by nature? These skills are an important part of being a great Collections Specialist.

In this role, you'll help customers avoid damaging their credit score and filing for bankruptcy. You'll help customers set up payment plans and stay on schedule to pay their bills. In addition, you will educate them on how to improve their credit and keep a healthy credit score. You'll be an important part of the team as you support customers to meet their monthly repayment goals. A Collections Specialist uses a computer system for tracking, information gathering, and troubleshooting.

To be successful in this job, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent. It's also important to be flexible and a problem-solver who enjoys helping customers resolve their questions and concerns.

Key Responsibilities

  • Resolve routine billing inquiries and negotiate payment arrangements to cure delinquent accounts
  • Educate customers on account terms and alternate payment programs and methods
  • Document customer account activities thoroughly and concisely
  • Determine customer needs and provide the right solution
  • Document customer account activities thoroughly and concisely
  • Engage in interactive conversations with customers through active listening
  • Approach problems logically and with sound judgment
  • Make appropriate decisions on behalf of the customer to ensure the best outcome

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