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Payments Specialist


$14-18/hr ($28-36k/yr)

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Are you a proactive problem solver? Do you have a positive attitude that shines through in any situation? These qualities can help you become a successful Payments Specialist.

In your role as a Payments Specialist, you'll process payments from customers. You'll provide help to customers who have payment questions or problems and explain processing procedures to them. You'll work to identify and resolve problems in transactions and documents. From time to time, you may need to involve a supervisor to help solve a difficult issue. Great customer service skills and a positive attitude are key. You'll make sure the customer on the other end of the phone line feels that his or her concerns are addressed quickly.

You'll need a high school diploma or its equivalent to start your career as a Payments Specialist. Previous experience with customer service or financial services will make your resume stand out. You'll have lots of chances for advancement into other positions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Receive and organize payments, post payments in computer system
  • Complete daily processing procedures including batch and balancing responsibilities
  • Reverse payments and assess insufficient fund fees
  • Post extension transactions, waive and reallocate fees
  • Document actions in systems with comments and relevant data
  • Maintain current knowledge of payment rules and regulations
  • Meet monthly individual and team performance goals

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