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Call Center Careers

Call Center Team Lead


$24-31/hr ($50-65k/yr)

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Do you have a knack for being a great leader? Do you enjoy leading a team to success? As a Call Center Team Lead, you'll get to do that every day.

Your job will be to make sure customers receive the highest level of service and quality by assisting and supporting the center staff to provide the best customer service. Call Center Team Leads need to have a good understanding of call center technology to be able to identify and fix technical issues to keep your team up and running. Coaching and mentoring skills are a must since you will be supervising other call center employees. You'll also look at data to find trends such as the reasons why people are calling or the overall amount of calls you receive. You'll report these trends and suggest solutions as needed to resolve problems.

To get this job you'll need at least 3 years of experience in a call center and a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the team to meet and exceed client expectations regarding customer service
  • Provide backup support to the team and make sure department goals are met
  • Monitor call volume; prioritize and distribute workload for the team
  • Track and measure individual and team goals throughout the day and on a long term basis
  • Provide motivational support to team members to maintain high morale and productivity
  • Answer incoming calls, emails and web-based submissions, directing and assisting customers as needed
  • Conduct performance reviews, deliver coaching to the team so they perform at the highest levels

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