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$29-38/hr ($60-80k/yr)

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Are you the type of person that always made sure everyone else was following the rules? Do you like working with numbers? If so, you could make a great Auditor.

Auditors make sure that the company manages its finances correctly. You'll also make sure the company follows all rules and regulations. You'll review financial documents and identify possible problems in the way records are being kept. You'll provide suggestions for how to fix the problem. You also have the chance to provide ideas for how the company can improve how it does things. Auditors communicate their findings to managers or departments so solutions may be found.

Auditors need to be detail-oriented and comfortable working in teams. It's also important to have strong written and verbal communication skills. Employers require a Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field to land this job. Professional accounting certifications are also preferred.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform audit procedures to make sure the institution is being properly managed
  • Analyze records to rule out fraud
  • Document work in line with company policies and procedures
  • Produce audit reports summarizing findings to minimize risk for the company and improve efficiencies
  • Communicate audit findings to all levels of management
  • May lead smaller scale audits
  • Use computer-assisted auditing tools as needed

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