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Business Analyst


$22-31/hr ($45-65k/yr)

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Does the idea of analyzing data to find ways to make thing work better sound exciting to you? Do you have a logical but curious mind that likes to investigate? If so, you could make a great Business Analyst.

As a Business Analyst, you'll collect and analyze data and information to look for ways the company can run more efficiently. You may be tasked with projects designed to improve quality, reduce errors, or design new business processes. In this role, you'll research and collect data from reports and through talking with teams and managers. You'll analyze the data and information and come up with possible solutions. Business Analysts document findings and communicate recommendations for how the company can improve to managers or departments.

To become a Business Analyst, most employers will want you to have a Bachelor's degree in business or a related field. It's important to have strong data analysis and communication skills. You'll also want to be comfortable working with analytics software (Microsoft Excel is a must) as you'll be producing documents and reports. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Break down business processes into specific steps to identify areas of improvement
  • Collect data through research and observation
  • Engage in open dialogue with individuals and teams to understand current processes
  • Work with the team to analyze data to identify patterns or trends to help reach a solution
  • Assist in evaluation possible solutions to determine the best solution
  • Create documents and reports to summarize your findings and recommendations
  • Communicate recommendations to all levels in an organization
  • Utilize data analytics software and programs as needed

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