Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Loan Processor


$17-23/hr ($35k-47k)

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Do you always meet your deadlines? Do you pride yourself on being efficient and effective? These qualities make a great Commercial Loan Processor.

In this role, it will be your responsibility to put all of the borrower's information into the system to complete the loan process. But first, you will make sure it is all correct. You'll verify loan documents, credit information, and resolve problems that come up with documentation issues. It's a good idea to double-check all numbers to make sure that there are no accounting mistakes before sending the information on to the Commercial Lending team. The speed of the entire loan process relies heavily on the Commercial Loan Processor. You'll stay stay in touch with the team and sometimes the client to help keep things on track and communicate the status of the loan.

A high school diploma is required to get this job, but many employers prefer an Associate's degree.

Key Responsibilities

  • Process and input information on new loans, renewals, payments, and rate changes into the commercial loan system
  • Review loan documentation for commercial loan closings to support Commercial Lending team
  • Maintain knowledge of and process work that meets regulatory guidelines and bank policies
  • Assist in ongoing maintenance of loans which includes processing renewals and changes to loans, payments, and tracking required insurance
  • Assist lending team, clients and call center personnel with questions, problems and research as needed
  • Prioritize tasks and use good time-management, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Meet deadlines to keep the loan process on track

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