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Operations Assistant


$14-18/hr ($31-37k/yr)

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Do you want a behind-the-scenes look at Financial Services? Are you good at following a prescribed process? You might be a great Operations Assistant.

As an Operations Assistant, you'll help make sure processes and transactions are performed correctly. You'll work to minimize risk and maximize quality of service. You'll be in the know about how financial transactions are actually processed and you'll make sure those processes go smoothly. In this role, you'll likely specialize in a particular area of business, such as Retail or Commercial Banking. You'll research and resolve operational problems for that area of business, acting as a go-between for other bank departments at times. 

This job is a great way to get started on a career in Operations. You'll need a high school diploma or equivalent to get the job.

Key Responsibilities

  • Keep an eye on daily operations to ensure processes and daily tasks are completed
  • Assist in the processing of loans, money transfers and other banking activities to ensure due process, accuracy and accountability are followed
  • Ensure client data is protected from the public and secured against fraud by enforcing access rights and verification levels
  • Accurately manage files and documents
  • Assist in managing daily operational tasks including reconciling bank accounts, file processing and various accounting functions
  • Follow financial plans to protect business operations
  • Work with other units to develop best practices for successful banking operations

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