Auditing Careers

Auditing Careers

Senior Auditor


$36-46/hr ($75-95k/yr)

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Are you a whiz at analyzing data and finding connections or trends? Do you enjoy teaching and mentoring others? As a Senior Auditor, you'll be able to blend these interests and enjoy a rewarding career.

Senior Auditors will work on multiple auditing projects in one or more lines of the bank's business. You'll work with a team and with people from different parts of the company. You may even lead a project. You'll analyze large amounts of data to help the company make better strategic decisions. Senior Auditors present audit results to management on all levels of the company. You'll also coach and guide junior staff through the audit process.

You'll  need several years of experience in auditing to get this job. And it's important to know banking regulations and understand the finance and banking industry. Senior Auditors will need at least a Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field. Many employers prefer a Master's degree in more experienced positions like this. Accounting certifications are also preferred.

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and define scope of the audit, the audit program, and review and test procedures
  • Partner with audit team members in performing risk assessment and auditing
  • Identify control trends in assigned business areas as well as impact to the business
  • Develop ways to improve existing audit processes
  • Coach and guide junior staff through the audit process
  • Create reports to summarize and present findings from audits
  • May lead team activities on a medium audit
  • Use computer-assisted auditing tools as needed

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