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Anti-Money Laundering Analyst


$28-38/hr ($60-80k/yr)

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Does your gut let you know when something is "off"? Would you like to help detect and prevent financial crimes? If this sounds like you, you might be a great fit for a job as an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Analyst.

The heart of being an AML Analyst is to prevent money laundering. Money laundering is a major risk to society. It gives criminals the financial ability to pay for and continue to commit crimes. You'll follow procedures for requiring identification to verify new and existing customers. You'll file reports and maintain records to help the company detect suspicious activity. If you suspect criminal activity, you'll start the process of investigation. You'll create a case file and working with AML Officers to further investigate the customer and their actions.

To get this job, you'll need a Bachelor's degree or at least 3 years of experience in banking Risk & Compliance. A Bachelor's degree in research, business, accounting or criminal justice will help you get the job. Find out more about your education options

Key Responsibilities

  • Collect and examine financial statements and documents to assist in identifying unusual transaction patterns
  • Create new case files as needed based on suspicious activity
  • Help the AML team to track and complete case files to investigate suspicious activity
  • Prepare and review file documents for AML investigations
  • Coordinate with the AML team to ensure transactions are appropriately documented
  • Perform periodic reviews of the company's high risk customers
  • Stay current on company and government AML compliance rules and regulations

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