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Risk & Compliance Careers

Risk Manager


$45-60 ($93-120k/yr)

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Do you have an eye for the big picture? Do you have the people skills to successfully manage several teams? You might have what it takes to be a great Risk & Compliance Manager.

In this job, you'll oversee the development, implementation, review and revisions of risk management and compliance policies. You'll use your communication skills as you plan and communicate with teams to achieve strategic goals and meet client needs. Making sure your teams have what they need to be successful and can achieve their goals is also a key part of your role. You'll need to keep up with regulatory changes and provide effective change management plans to address these changes. Strong project management skills will help you be a great Risk & Compliance Manager.

When you apply for this job, companies will want to see at least eight years of experience in risk and compliance as well as evidence of strong leadership skills. You may also need a Bachelor's degree in in risk management, finance, legal studies or a related field.

Key Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate complex decision-making abilities
  • Oversee risk management and compliance programs to ensure effective identification, measurement, control and management of relevant risks
  • Keep up with regulatory changes and industry standards and provide effective change management to address new or changing regulations
  • Ensure that risk management and compliance programs address relevant laws, rules, regulations and company requirements
  • Ensure the necessary tools are available to all teams to achieve desired goals
  • Communicate the highest priorities to keep the leadership team focused on the right outcomes
  • Hire and manage performance of staff; recommend salary increases, promotions and bonuses as appropriate
  • Promote a collaborative environment between your teams

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