Risk Analyst, Insurance


$35-43/hr ($73-90k/yr)

Are you a data guru?  Are you looking for a great way to get a start on your career in risk management?  Your skills might make you a great Risk Analyst.

This position helps to protect the company and its customers from  harmful situations. Being a Risk Analyst requires the ability to review and understand large amounts of data quickly. You will review financial and accounting documents and stay on top of industry and market developments.  Risk Analysts often specialize in one area such as Commercial or Corporate Banking or Wealth Management. Whatever your specialty, you’ll study data and predict future trends. You may also help determine how the company can minimize risks that may cause a negative impact.

To be successful as a Risk Analyst, you’ll need strong analytical skills and an understanding business needs.  You will need a Bachelor's degree in finance, business, accounting, mathematics or a related field.

Key Responsibilities

  • Research, collect, and analyze risk management data
  • Generate and/or publish risk reports and provide communication and updates to business leaders
  • Assist in coordinating operational credit or market risk programs
  • Maintain advanced knowledge of all aspects of banking, including lending, deposits and regulatory compliance
  • Monitor and forecast market trends
  • Use statistical software and other related computer applications
  • Identify areas of opportunity for process improvement
  • Apply working knowledge of risk identification, analysis and assessment

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