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Credit Associate


$38-45/hr ($80-93k/yr)

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Are you super with spreadsheets? Do you enjoy gathering lots of data to make your decisions? These characteristics might make you a great Credit Associate.

In this job, you'll review and analyze data from Credit Analysts to make judgments on whether or not to grant loans. You'll set loan terms such as how much can be borrowed and how repayment will occur. You'll need a solid understanding and knowledge of credit policies, procedures, and loan systems. You may prepare credit approval materials for annual client reviews and ensure risk ratings are correct. This role also monitors economic and market factors to forecast company and industry performance.

You'll need a Bachelor's degree in finance, business, or accounting. In addition, you will need two-to-fours experience in financial services to get the job.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review financial statements and all other relevant financial analysis as well as non-financial data
  • Evaluate personal or business applicant's credit needs, financial strength and other information to determine if request for credit is an acceptable risk for the company
  • Assess quality of management, market position, and overall business climate to estimate future profitability of business
  • Use cash flow, balance sheet, income statements, and tax returns (both personal and business) to determine credit worthiness
  • Create credit documents outlining loan terms
  • Approve loan transactions
  • Serve as mentor, coach and trainer for credit analyst staff

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