Risk & Compliance Careers

Risk & Compliance Careers

Compliance Associate


$38-43/hr ($80-90k/yr)

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Are you the rule-keeper on family game nights? Do you like doing research and digging into the facts? You might be a great Compliance Associate.

In this role, you'll perform evaluations of standards and practices at the company. You might help the company formulate policies to remain within the rules set by government agencies and industry bodies and can recommend additional steps for compliance to ensure the highest quality performance. You'll analyze reports for trends and potential compliance issues. Your work may include interviewing employees, looking over documentation and attending conferences to learn more about new developments in the industry. Monitoring industry and market trends to help predict company performance may also be an important part of your job. It's also important to protect the company from fraud by performing Client Due Diligence to better know your customer to help the company be reasonably certain that the customers are who they say they are.

Companies will be looking to hire someone with a Bachelor's degree in finance, business, or a related field. They'll also want to see that you have two-to-four year's experience in compliance and financial services.

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain current knowledge of federal and state banking laws and regulations affecting the management, operations, and product offerings of the bank
  • Respond to inquiries from various business units regarding interpretations of applicable regulatory requirements
  • Review and maintain compliance policies, procedures, forms, disclosures, letters and notifications
  • Review new and/or expanded products and services and perform regulatory research
  • Gather relevant compliance data and prepare internal bank reports
  • Review and perform account risk ratings and trend analyses
  • Assist in communicating new and updated compliance standards

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