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Operations Careers

Operations Representative


$25-31/hr ($52-62k/yr)

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Do you like having a behind-the-scenes view? Would you enjoy knowing the how's and why's of what really happens when banks loan money, transfer funds, and help people buy the things they need? A job as an Operations Representative may be a great fit for you!

As an Operations Representative, you'll work to resolve issues and provide internal and external customer support.You'll likely specialize in a particular area of business such as Commercial Banking or Wealth Management. You'll become the expert in this area and have all the answers when coworkers from that department call you for help. When new loan or retirement account is started, you'll make sure all the paperwork is complete and correct. When new products or services are created, you're part of the team that figures out how the work will be done. You'll help document those new processes so that Operations Assistants will have the information they need.

To get this job you'll need a high school diploma or its equivalent and at least two-to-four year's experience in operations. Experience in financial services is a plus.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for making sure backoffice system data is correct and complete
  • Act as subject matter expert on operating procedures and systems
  • Responsible for review, communication and resolution of missing requirements for paperwork
  • Answer staff inquiries and questions with a high degree of professionalism, customer service and accuracy
  • Participate in the research, development and implementation of special projects
  • Provide support for new products and services and the development of and changes to banking systems procedures
  • Aid in drafting updates to banking policies and procedures in support of new or changing processes
  • Cross train in all other areas of the Operations Department and provide backup or assistance, as needed

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