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Wealth & Investment Careers

Junior Investment Analyst


$25-29/hr ($51-60k/yr)

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Do you think spreadsheets are a playground for analyzing data? Are you interested in learning all about the world of investments? You might make a great Junior Investment Analyst.

Jr Investment Analysts help conduct research and create financial models.  You'll help produce reports to recommend which types of  investments the wealth management team should buy or sell. You'll use investment databases to research the products that will produce the best results for your company's clients. You'll help create reports and spreadsheets to share your findings and recommendations with your team. In addition to providing investment analysis, you support Financial Advisors and Licensed Bankers. Junior Investment Analysts work under the supervision of more senior members to learn about business. 

You'll need 1-2 year's experience in wealth management to get this job. You'll also need a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Business or a related field. Find out more about your education options

Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with Wealth Management team members to actively monitor investment portfolios
  • Collect data and create and update financial spreadsheets
  • Aid in the team's research to provide buy and sell recommendations
  • Monitor existing investments across portfolios
  • Help complete executive summaries detailing performance
  • Use portfolio management software to generate portfolio reports and analytics for monthly, quarterly and annual meetings
  • Help prepare weekly and monthly summaries and reports on current market trends and news

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