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Private Banking Manager


$38-46/hr ($75-95k/yr)

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Do you love building strong relationships, but also have a knack for smart decisions when it comes to managing money? If so, these qualities will help you become a successful Private Banking Manager.

In this role, you'll develop new client relationships and strengthen existing ones. What makes this job unique is you'll work with clients who large sums of money that they need help managing and investing. Your main duties will be to manage the relationship with the client, respond to client requests, and suggest products and services that make the most sense for the client. You'll work with investment professionals that will help manage the client's money and recommend which products you should suggest to your clients. You'll also need to stay on top of changing market needs and recommend strategies to succeed.

To get this job you'll need 7-10 years of experience in Financial Services. You'll also need to be licensed in series 7, 63 and 65. Although a degree isn't required, many employers prefer you have a Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field.

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice excellent new business development and relationship management skills
  • Meet with clients at their places of business or wherever is most convenient for them
  • Handle sensitive situations using excellent interpersonal, negotiating and problem solving skills
  • Stay current on relevant banking policies and procedures by attending regular training session
  • Develop and maintain updated knowledge on regulations and economic factors that impact your business unit or department
  • Work with management to develop and implement product marketing and sales strategies
  • Help with goal setting and strategic planning for Wealth Management team

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