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Client Associate


$16-22/hr ($35-45k/yr)

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Do others see you as the glue that holds everything together? Do you have a knack for finding creative solutions to everyday challenges? If so, you could make a great Client Associate.

As a Client Associate, you'll be the support guru for Financial Advisors and their clients. These positions provide a great chance to learn about the business and gain some experience so you can move up. You'll help schedule client appointments answer client questions or connect them with someone who can. If a problem arises, you may need to research the issue in order to provide solutions. You'll also process account forms, maintain account records and prepare client communication. You will work in a professional environment so it's key to always have a smile as you help your teammates build and maintain relationships with new and current clients.

Companies you apply to will want to see at least a year of experience in Financial Services. They may also prefer a candidate with a degree and a Series 7 license. These will give you a head start when applying.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain a professional relationship with clients
  • Answer phones, take messages, and respond to client requests
  • Make sure all appropriate account documentation is obtained and maintained
  • Help clients transfer funds and securities along with issuing checks as needed
  • Investigate and resolve operational problems
  • Communicate with team members and notify them of any important account information related to their clients
  • Learn and follow all company's policies and procedures

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