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Portfolio Manager


$43-73/hr ($90-150k/yr)

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Do you have a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding how it affects the things going on around you? Do you love following the stock market and noticing trends? If so, you might be a good fit for a career as a Portfolio Manager.

A Portfolio Manager's job is full of exciting challenges and opportunities. You'll work with researchers and analysts to discuss the latest trends in the market and help identify the best investments. You'll need to keep a constant eye on the financial markets since you make the final decision on what and when to buy and sell. Plan to be in the office early so you can be ready when the financial markets open for the day. You'll also meet with high-level investors or potential investors either in-person or over the phone. It's important that you are comfortable speaking with and presenting to clients.

To get this job you'll need to project a professional presence and have at least five years of experience in Wealth Management. You'll need a Bachelor's degree and a strong understanding of business, economics, accounting, and math.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain client relationships for Wealth Management
  • Focus on keeping and growing the client's business
  • Remain current on financial market developments
  • Gain a strong understanding of and follow internal and external regulatory requirements
  • Understand client's' investment needs and suggest customized investment strategies accordingly
  • Communicate with clients on a regular basis to ensure their needs are met, schedule client meetings as necessary
  • Bring new investment ideas promptly to clients' attention

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