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Operations Careers

Senior Business Analyst


$29-43/hr ($60-90k/yr)

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Are you the kind of person that’s always thinking, “There has to be a better way!”  Do you like to follow a structured process to find the right answer?  If so, you may be a great fit as a Senior Business Analyst.

A Senior Business Analyst is responsible for suggesting changes that will increase the company’s success.  This means working with teams across the company to discover ways to streamline processes and reduce costs.  The solutions you recommend might be improvements to processes and technology.  You’ll need to communicate your findings and suggestions to multiple people or departments.  You’ll also be responsible for helping to implement the changes you suggest.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field to get this job.  Some employers may prefer you have a Master’s degree, such as an MBA.  You will need excellent Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and other analysis/dashboard skills (Tableau etc). It's important to understand the company’s business processes too.

Key Responsibilities

  • Gather and study information about current company processes
  • Map business process flows to identify areas of improvement
  • Document findings and recommendations
  • Create a plan and timeline to implement changes
  • Define, design, and update reports and databases
  • Manage and escalate risks and issues
  • Resolve issues that arise and revise plan as needed

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