Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial Loan Underwriter


$31-36/hr ($62k-74k)

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Do you enjoy handling multiple projects at the same time? Are you the type of person that makes sure every "i" is dotted and "t" is crossed? If so, you might make a great Commercial Loan Underwriter.

In your job as a Commercial Loan Underwriter, you'll conduct credit analysis on loan applicants. You will evaluate the ability of the applicant to repay the loan. Using the information you uncover, you will determine if it's too risky to issue the loan. You will help the bank make smart financial decisions that won't put the company at risk while working to find solutions for your clients. You will also process loan renewals and extensions in line with business rules and policies. Commercial Loan Underwriters need to be comfortable analyzing information and making quick decisions.

To get this job you'll need a Bachelor's degree or several years of experience in underwriting and lending. Great teamwork skills and excellent attention to detail will help you excel.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review and prepare loan packages to make sure files are complete and organized
  • Perform in-depth financial analysis of clients applying for loans
  • Make recommendations regarding credit decisions, risk ratings, loan pricing, and credit structure to management in line with company rules and guidelines
  • Prepare final loan documents for closing and ensure all documents are complete
  • Aid in review and maintenance of existing business loan accounts
  • Work with Commercial Lending Team to prepare business proposal packages for prospective accounts
  • Develop familiarity with all lending policies and procedures of the bank
  • Understand and follow all bank and industry regulations and guidelines

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