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Insurance Careers

Underwriting Assistant


$20-24/hr ($40-50k/yr)

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Are you looking for a great place to get started in insurance? Are you highly organized? You might be a good fit for an Underwriting Assistant.

You’ll learn all about insurance as you work to process insurance policy updates, renewals and new policies. You’ll answer questions from customers, Insurance Agents, and Underwriters. It’s important to be comfortable using a computer since you will be making daily account updates. You’ll order or prepare financial reports and legal notices such as a non-renewal notice.

You’ll need an Associate’s degree or similar work experience to get this job. Experience in customer service may help you get your foot in the door.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist Insurance Agents, Underwriters, and customers with questions about insurance coverage and eligibility
  • Enter policy information into appropriate systems for policy updates or new policies
  • Maintains file accuracy and completeness
  • Prepare new policy and policy renewal paperwork packets
  • Performs preliminary risk evaluation and / or loss analysis
  • Utilizes computerized systems for research, tracking, information gathering and / or troubleshooting
  • May perform other tasks including support, photocopying, imaging, mail, data entry, agent contracting support and / or supply function

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