Retail Banking Careers

Retail Banking Careers

Mortgage Sales Manager


$40-70/hr ($80-150k/yr)

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Do you have what it takes to be a sales leader? Are you excited by the idea of helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home? Then you may be a great for for a Mortgage Sales Manager.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for sales, administration, staff supervision and the overall loan operations management for your team. You’ll set sales goals and oversee the development of new mortgage business, the expansion of existing business relationships and the servicing of customers. It will be important for you to keep informed of new mortgage products and trends in the local real estate market and build them into the mortgage sales program. You’ll also manage staffing, performance appraisals and staffing recommendations.

Great leadership is a must in this role. You’ll need at least 5 years of experience working with loans and sales to get the job. An Associate's or Bachelor's degree will give you a leg up on the competition. Find out more about your education options

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain key relationships and business contacts within the community to create opportunities for growth
  • Coach / mentor your team to ensure they achieve their individual goals
  • Hold sales meetings
  • Serve as mortgage expert for all branch and field personnel
  • Develop knowledge of company products, policies and procedures, and underwriting requirements
  • Understand real estate appraisals, title reports, and real estate transactions
  • Analyze detailed financial and credit data, matching customer needs with an appropriate loan program and level of risk

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